The Survivor Dream Project

Adiatu Pujeh - The Survivor Dream Project

Adiatu Pujeh (Nurse)

I am a nurse. It was through my work I contracted Ebola. 3 days after I was discharged and came out alive, I went back to work. I didn't want anyone else to suffer the way I had suffered. I went back to work. Look, I've survived a car accident and have a plate in my arm and I have survived Ebola. God clearly doesn't want me yet! so, even though it has been very hard, I am still here and will continue to do what I can to save lives

My Dream:

I want to go back to school. I would like a scholarship to go and specialize in disease diagnostics. I don’t want anyone to ever go through the stigma I went through for having Ebola. I want to go, study, rest a bit and come back to play my part in strengthening our health care system. We were failed, and it didn’t have to happen like this.