The Survivor Dream Project

Hawanatu Kamara - The Survivor Dream Project

Hawanatu Kamara (Student)

My mother was a nurse. She treated an Ebola Patient and that’s how she died. Before we could grieve, my father passed away from the disease too. My brother came home and urged my sister and me to get tested, to call 117, to seek medical care. We were scared because there were rumors of the needles used for testing blood causing death. It was not until my brother and uncle passed from Ebola that my sister and I found the strength to get tested. We’ve lost our entire family. I have lost my entire family. I am so thankful we have each other – it is now me and my sister. Well, she my cousin, she is the only family I have now. My sister.

My Dream:

It’s only my sister, on her little income, that supports me. I want to finish school and go to university. We have lost everything and everyone, I just need to go to school and help my sister take care of us.