The Survivor Dream Project

SDP LAUNCHS THE EDUCATION FUND to support students who have survived Ebola get a higher education.


100% of your donation to The Survivor Dream Project’s Education Fund goes directly to supporting young girls who have survived Ebola go to school, stay in school and succeed at school. It is imperative that our girls have access to life-enhancing extra-circular activities, mentoring and coaching, transportation to their education institutes, and do not have to worry about school fees. We invest 100% of the funds raised for SDP’s Education Fund back into building educational capacity in our future leaders – youth and girls.

A key component of Project I – Women Who Survived Ebola is to ensure that young girls in our program benefit from the Education Fund. Each survivor in our program, with provision made to young female Ebola Survivors outside of our program, who gain entrance to university, can be supported through SDP’s Education Fund provided that they meet these 3 criteria’s:



A BIG THANK YOU to Training Sol for supporting SDP’s Education Fund by providing quality extra-curricular educational classes for the young survivors in our program.