The Survivor Dream Project

Sept 25, 2015

Community Coalition Supports Flood Victims in Sierra Leone

Let me try and put this into perspective. For the last year or so Sierra Leone has been hard hit with an Ebola outbreak that has claimed over 4,500 lives; destroying families, livelihoods and traditional forms of communal gatherings. More than half way into this year, as the eminent threat of Ebola winds down, Sierra Leone experienced heavy Floods that killed hundreds (an exact figure we have are yet to confirm) and displaced over 4,000.

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Sept 19, 2015

The Community Coalition

The Community Coalition is a collaborative effort by community organizations based in Freetown in support of Flood Victims in Sierra Leone. The coalition is comprised of Smiling Hearts Foundation, Friends of Education Sierra Leone, Girls Empowerment Summit Sierra Leone and The Survivor Dream project. The community coalition is providing support in the following ways:

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Sept 18, 2015

Flood Relief Efforts

On Wednesday September 16th 2015, Sierra Leone experienced torrential rains that displaced over 3,900 inhabitants. Many lives have been lost during the floods (account of how many is still not available) destroying homes, property and entire communities based in the capital city of Freetown.

Hundreds of Sierra Leoneans, development partners, local NGO’s, community groups and individuals sprang into action to provide relief aid to the thousands of affected people.

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